S&H Farm Supply

Jeremy and KTTS have helped grow our business by always providing us with needed reports to place our ads more precisely. A large portion of our customer base listens to KTTS during the week, and by working with Jeremy on strategies, we have a great audience reach with KTTS.
Mandi Seela, Marketing Manager

Big Cedar Lodge & Wonders of Wildlife

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Melissa for over 10 years on advertising campaigns in Springfield. She takes time to learn & understand what I need and has always helped develop solid, successful campaigns from on-air promos with proven results of people walking in our doors, giveaways, and helping us build email databases. She’s driven success for us on multiple platforms. If she sees something isn’t working, she’s the first to tell me and help develop a game plan to shift gears. I love that she’s honest and doesn’t push something on me if she doesn’t believe it will get the results I need.
– Laura Head-Elliot, Marketing Manager


We’ve been advertising with KSGF for a few years now and we couldn’t be happier. Our rep, Jeremy, does a great job of finding interesting opportunities to get the word out about Gun-Tec. He helped us get a jingle and gives us marketing tips. He’s more of a marketing consultant than an advertising sales rep. We’ve tried other methods of advertising, but KSGF is the only place we’ve actually had customers tell us they’re here because they heard us on KSGF.
– Laci, Co-Owner

Sportsland Pickup Covers

It is truly a blessing working with Jeremy Womack. Time and time again he proves himself to be a true professional. His knowledge and understanding of advertising in the Springfield market are second to none. And, his ability to listen and understand what it is that I want to achieve in advertising my business is just one of his many strengths. I have come to understand that Jeremy has a true desire to help me create the best advertising program he can. While some ad execs are interested only in “selling spots”, Jeremy Womack offers a partnership working towards the goal of greater success for your business!
– Mike Traiteur, Owner

Wyatt Law & Associates

Within the first month, we received multiple family law leads and converted three into paying clients, tripling our ROI that month. We continue to convert leads into paying clients. The success of Springfield Legal Help will come from the trust listeners have and the responses they receive from our legal partners. With this type of advertising program, it proves that it’s not the number of leads your business can receive, but the quality of those leads that matter the most in generating a solid return on investment.
– Kyle Wyatt, Owner

Crown Power & Equipment

We truly value our business relationship with Jeremy Wommack and SummitMedia. We have worked with him for almost three years and we know that he will always do what he says he’s going to do. Jeremy is personable and has our best interest in mind. He keeps up on ever-changing marketing trends and technology. We appreciate the insight and his fresh take on marketing and advertising that’s relevant to our business. Jeremy follows up and keeps us on task when we near a deadline or upcoming event. We appreciate this friendly push because we all get busy. Kudos to Jeremy for being someone we are proud to partner with on KTTS and KSGF.
– Sarah Chapman, Marketing Specialist

Performance Food Service

Since Performance Food Service started our recruitment advertising with KTTS and KSGF, they have hired five applicants through our commercials. We received on average 20 calls each campaign. The stations consistently delivered applicants who said they applied because they heard the radio advertisement. Not only did KTTS and KSGF supply applicants, but through our creative wording of the 30-second commercial, we received qualified applicants.
– Dave Salchow, Operations Manager

Elite Arms Co, LLC

We weren’t sure quite what to expect, with this being our first event; but the turnout was great. We had over 200 people throughout the course of the day and it stayed busy. A lot of people came in and asked; “are you the guys giving away the gun.” and mentioning that they heard it on KTTS. There were also some people that simply stopped in from driving by and seeing the tents, food, and commotion. One thing we didn’t expect but worked out well – the guys next door sold several bikes. People stopped by for our event, and then went next door to look around too; so it helped with those relationships with other business owners in the strip. We will definitely be doing this again.
– Myron & Valorie Bahm, Owners

Tri Lakes Portable Storage LLC

With the addition of a larger audience in KTTS, the use of digital interactive products, and the “velcro” that stuck in the minds of listeners, Tri-Lakes Portable Storage LLC has now sold out of PODS, allowing us to grow into a much larger warehouse to store and operate out of, and purchased 35 additional PODS to be added to our fleet. This success story proves the importance of the message and that you don’t have to have the biggest budget to create considerable growth.
– Terri Stevens, Owner

Uncle Bentleys

We decided that Power 96.5 would bring in the adults 25-35. We want an established adult that is not chasing happy hour specials. They want a comfortable, adult hangout to socialize with friends and watch sports. By utilizing a Weather Sponsorships on Power 96.5, we are able to consistently remind listeners of who we are and what we offer. We have 10-second messages running every day on air, as well as 30-commercials running, daily, online. We want to stay top of mind in the listener’s mind when they think of going out for a drink. After advertising with Weather Sponsorship for a year, we have consistently had higher sales each month from the year before.
– Jack Horton, Owner

Wildcat Tool Rental

Since Wildcat Tool Rental started using KTTS, KSGF, and The River as a platform to deliver creative and local messages to our customers, we’ve been able to cancel all other stations (eight different stations) and add the very popular KY-TV to our media mix. Now we advertise on fewer outlets, reaching more people and have a clear plan on marketing our business. Partnering with other quality products that feature what is important to his clients, weather, and local information. His business has significant growth year by year even with the economy and the building industry being unsteady around him. Wildcat is strong and now has strong partners to help us along the way.
– Scott Estes, Owner

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